The Choral Project – Connect Through Choral Theater, Education and Musical Excellence

Madison Choral Project is a Bay Area treasure, a community voice ensemble with an outstanding reputation for high-level choral music and for bridging the gap between text and music and singer and audience.

The Choral Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to connect through choral theater, education, and musical excellence.

We provide a safe space for young women to discover their voices as singers and artists in a nurturing environment that empowers them to achieve artistic excellence. This collaborative experience teaches young women valuable life skills, including self-discipline, teamwork, confidence, and focus.

Choral Project has performed in collaboration with the Lake Superior Chamber Orchestra, LOON Opera, the Duluth Symphony Orchestra, and other professional musicians throughout Northern Minnesota. We have given educational clinics in schools, including Duluth East High School and Minneapolis Southwest High School, the College of St. Scholastica, and at the 2023 American Choral Directors Association State Conference.

It’s easy to listen to music on your phone or computer. Still, it is an entirely different experience to work cooperatively with others to create that art in the unique space where live performance exists. We have seen it time and again: the tough guy who gets a tear in his eye at the words of Byron set to music, the painfully shy student discovering a power and strength she never knew she had as she earns a solo, and countless other moments when humans change through the pursuit of artistic beauty.

Our vision is to inspire, engage, and educate communities across the region by sharing innovative choral performances in Northern Minnesota. We do this by offering a year-round program that encourages meaningful choral collaboration, provides a safe place for youth to express their voices, and nurtures a community of young musicians.

We are so grateful for the support of our many donors and volunteers who help us reach more people with the gift of choral music. If you have an unwanted car in your garage or driveway, please consider donating it to our organization through CARS (Charitable Adult Rides and Services). They take care of everything for you—from picking up the vehicle to selling it—and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the Choral Project. Click here to learn more.

Choral Project is an auditioned choral program. Auditioned singers are placed into one of the ensembles based on their musical skill and growth level. Each ensemble’s music curriculum focuses on developing music literacy and appreciation.

The Chamber Singers is a small, select group of advanced singers that perform a more specialized repertoire from various eras of musical history (Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Neo-Classical, Twentieth Century, and Contemporary). This group also focuses on studying music culturally and developing a deeper aesthetic understanding of choral music.

This ensemble rehearses weekly throughout the school year. Rehearsals are accelerated in the weeks preceding concerts. Members must attend a yearly concert and may be called upon to perform in other public events.

In this beginning-level choir, singers are introduced to basic vocal technique and music reading skills. The emphasis is on developing music skills and a positive attitude toward teamwork and self-discipline. Students will have homework assignments assigned daily and are expected to arrive at class prepared to practice what they learned in class that day. Outside practice time will vary with the individual singer but is required to reach their musical potential.

Students learn to read music and sing in harmony while working on developing a personal style of singing. Rhythm, melody, and harmony are all introduced through the use of a variety of songs from many musical genres. Emphasis is also placed on improving sight-reading and music theory skills and building a foundation in piano skills for future study of choral repertoire.

During the spring semester, the Chorus gives one to two concerts with the Glee Club and may participate in a Choral Festival.

In a time when many people have difficulty connecting, The Choral Project is committed to performing music that bridges the gap between singer and spectator, text and music, and cultures. The ensemble is internationally recognized for its high standard of musical excellence and ability to convey the beauty of choral literature in various styles, traditions, and languages.

The Choral Project performs in concerts and choral festivals worldwide to critical acclaim. The Mercury News describes the group as ” a Bay Area jewel,” San Francisco Classical Voice adds, “There is nothing subtle about why The Choral Project ranks on most people’s lists of their top concert experiences.”

In 2007, at the California International Choral Festival & Competition in San Luis Obispo, the choir was awarded 1st place in the Choir’sChoir’s Choice category, 2nd in the Required Pieces category, and 3rd in the Folk Music category. The choir also placed in the Mixed Choir division at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod in Wales.

Each semester, The Choral Project assembles a roster of students with varying experience levels to rehearse and perform a concert. This is the only time that community members can hear the ensemble each year, and it is a free event.

The ensemble has also toured Mexico and Costa Rica, performing at such venues as San Francisco’s Mission Dolores Basilica and the Santa Clara County Auditorium and appearing live on Mexican national radio. The Choral Project has also recorded for international retailer Uniqlo, and its holiday performances were featured on their website with over 23 thousand views.

While BMCC’s Downtown Chorus is open to the entire community, it primarily comprises BMCC students enrolled in the choral program. BMCC students can record and upload their audio performance onto the Virtual Choir website through May 31, synchronized with the other submissions and live-streamed in a concert in the BMCC Performance Hall in June. BMCC student-teachers, who are enrolled in the choral program and take pedagogy classes with the master teacher, are involved in the recruitment and communication with participants and planning public performances each semester.

By joining a choir, you can experience the multiple benefits that singing brings to your life. You can develop friendships with fellow members, build self-esteem and confidence, and learn valuable music skills. You will also have the opportunity to perform at various events. These can include community concerts and competitions.

A recent study found that people who sing regularly have a lower risk of dementia and depression. In addition, choirs are known to promote a sense of community. They can help reduce stress, improve mood, and even boost the immune system.

We are currently accepting applications for new members. If you want to join, please download the membership application and return it to us by January 15, 2019.

The Young Women’s Choral Project (YWCP) is a world-class organization for girls and young women ages 4-18. Through developing their voices and as artists, YWCP girls build life-long musical, personal, and social skills, including self-discipline, confidence, focus, and teamwork.

Founded in 1996 and led by Artistic Director Daniel Hughes, the group has earned international acclaim for performing high-level choral literature, bridging the gap between text and music, singer and audience, and between traditional and contemporary choral forms. In addition to touring and recording, YWCP has established an active outreach program for local high school students, a choral mentorship program for local college students, and joint performances with visiting choirs.

Members receive a subscription to The American Organist magazine, delivered monthly to their door or available online, and free access to the AGO’sAGO’s extensive Choral & Organ Research Library. To obtain your code to access the library, log in to ONCARD and click on Personal Information.

The YWCP also provides opportunities to increase your fundraising efforts and dollars with CARS, a national non-profit that helps increase the amount of money donated to your favorite charity by selling your donated car. To donate your vehicle, visit the CARS website and select The Choral Project as the recipient.

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